Graduate Research

Machine Learning for Medical Data Analysis

Mentors: Tamás Budavári (JHU Applied Math and Statistics), Rohan Mathur (JHU School of Medicine)

Undergraduate Research

Mathematical Optimization Approaches to Radiation Therapy Treatments of Brain Metastases


Mentors: David Papp, Maria Macaulay.

Line Solitons in the Kadomstev-Petviashvili Equations

Brown University

Mentor: Justin Holmer

Real Power of Monomial Ideals

Polymath Jr. REU 2020

Mentors: Alexandra SeceleanuBenjamin Drabkin, Tingting Tang.

Class Projects

Sparse Recovery Using Basis Pursuit and Orthogonal Matching Pursuit

High-dimensional Approximation, Probability, and Statistical Learning, Spring 2023.

Chirp Signal Detection using Wavelets

Wavelets and Applications, Spring 2021.

pdf | code

Knot (dis)equivalence by knot-coloring

Topology, Fall 2020.


Age-structured Population Models

Applied PDE, Fall 2020.

pdf | code

(video) ~60% -

Pattern Formation in Sandpile Models

Applied Dynamical Systems, Spring 2020.

pdf | images/videos | simulator (p5)


Connect 4

Computer Science: An Integrated Introduction, Fall 2019.

Course Material

Vector Calculus Solutions Guide

Full homework solutions for Honors Calculus (MATH 0350, Spring 2021) at Brown University. Available to Brown instructors/TA on request.

Textbook: Vector Calculus (6th Ed), Marsden & Tromba.

sample pdf | MATLAB code for plots

Introduction to Data Science Jupyter Notebooks

As Head TA (Fall 2023 & Spring 2024), I improved upon previous iterations of the course and developed all homeworks, section notebooks, and exams. They involved coding in jupyter notebooks, some math, and discussion questions. 

Primary Instructor: Tamás Budavári.