1. Computing Rational Powers of Monomial Ideals, Pratik Dongre, Benjamin Drabkin, Josiah Lim, Ethan Partida, Ethan Roy, Dylan Ruff, Alexandra Seceleanu, Tingting Tang. Journal of Symbolic Computation, 2023.

Undergraduate Research Experiences

Mathematical Optimization Approaches to Radiation Therapy Treatments of Brain Metastases


Mentors: David Papp, Maria Macaulay.

  • Ideated and tested large-scale, mixed integer optimization models that assessed the benefits of non-uniformly fractionated treatment plans.

Line Solitons in the Kadomstev-Petviashvili Equations

Brown University

Mentor: Justin Holmer

  • Coded numerical simulations to investigate the stability of line solitons in KP equations.

Real Power of Monomial Ideals

Polymath Jr. REU 2020

Mentors: Alexandra Seceleanu, Benjamin Drabkin, Tingting Tang.

  • Designed 3 algorithms that compute the real power of monomial ideals and implemented in Macaulay2.

Class Projects

Chirp Signal Detection using Wavelets

Designed an algorithm to detect chirp signals masked in random noise.

Wavelets and Applications, Spring 2021.

pdf | code

Knot (dis)equivalence by knot-coloring

15-min lesson on distinguishing between knots using knot-coloring. With Alexander Ivanov.

Topology, Fall 2020.


Age-structured Population Models

Group study on Chapter 5.1 of Logan's Applied PDE, 3rd Edition. Plotted numerical solutions for textbook exercises. With Bill Ma, Daniel Park, Jason Senthil.

Applied PDE, Fall 2020.

pdf | code

(video) ~60% -

Pattern Formation in Sandpile Models

Used computer simulations to investigate symmetries and stability of sandpile avalanches.

Applied Dynamical Systems, Spring 2020.

pdf | images/videos | simulator (p5)


Connect 4

Terminal based game of Connect 4, written in ReasonML. Players can be Human or AI. Joint-winner of the class' AI tournament. With Will Chen.

Computer Science: An Integrated Introduction, Fall 2019.

Course Material

Vector Calculus Solutions Guide

Full homework solutions for Honors Calculus (MATH 0350, Spring 2021) at Brown University. Available to Brown instructors/TA on request.

Textbook: Vector Calculus (6th Ed), Marsden & Tromba.

sample pdf | MATLAB code for plots