What does my middle initial "J" stand for? 

To not mention the "J" would be to forget my heritage. "J" expands to the name Jia Jiunn Yutaro, where Jia Jiunn is Chinese and Yutaro is Japanese. Written below are their characters along with a literal translation.


Family name: 林 (lin, forest)

Given name: 佳俊 (jia-jun, good and handsome)

富岡 雄太郎

Family name: 富岡 (tomi-oka, prosperous hill)

Given name: 雄太郎 (yuu-ta-rou, male first son)

マイ ペース

ma-i peh-su

"My pace." 

(You don't need to compare yourself against anyone else. Your best effort is the best you can be. You are good enough!)


yatte-mise, itte kikase,


sasete-mite, homete-yaraneba-hito-wa-ugokashi

ー 山本五十六  

-  Yamamoto Isoroku

"Show them how it's done, tell them so they hear it,

have them try it, and praise them; if not, they won't move."


I attended high school in Singapore (Victoria Junior College).

From 2010 to 2018, I played floorball for my school teams. Check out my rainbow floorball stick!

This game brought me to many regions and arenas in Singapore and gifted me a chance to travel to Sweden too. 

Article with an interview of me after a championship final.

Will the ant get lunch today?

Co-winner for SUMS Art Contest, Jan 2021. 

Impretzible, with Holly Zheng.

Mini contribution

I read Joe Silverman's Abstract Algebra textbook and caught typos for him. Little-kid-excitement ヽ(o^▽^o)ノ in being acknowledged in the preface.

Books I liked


One of my favorite goals in soccer/football.

A valuable conversation on perspective. The extra footage is great too.

My personal definition of perfection.

Favourite youtube version of Rachmaninoff Piano Concerto 3.

These videos got me into cooking when I was 15 (specimen 1).

These videos got me into cooking when I was 15 (specimen 2).

Love this podcast. No better place to start than episode 0

Frank observations, but worthy of reflection even today. transcript

Unchecked growth is cancerous. But through this physical, biological intuition, we can teach ourselves a way to live well and sustainably.