Helpful articles

The internet has so many things. Here are some that I thought were good to share.

On being a student:

  • link Mathematics Students Resource, Dan Margalit.

  • link Problem Solving Strategies, Terence Tao.

  • link (video) How to self study pure math - a complete guide, Aleph 0.

  • link Mathematics Textbooks for Self Study -- A Guide for the Autodidact, Mark Tomforde.

  • link Meet Our Faculty (2022), Brown Computer Science.

  • link Career Advice, Terence Tao.

For prospective graduate students (a sample of what it might look like from the professor's point of view):

For graduate students:

  • link A Few Words on Research for Graduate Students, Fan Chung Graham.

  • link Graduate Student Guide, Lance Fortnow.

  • link A Mathematician's Survival Guide: Graduate School and Early Career Development, Steven Krantz.

For research and aspiring academics:

  • link Importance of Stupidty in Scientific Research, Martin Schwartz.

  • link Advice for the Young Scientist, John Baez.

  • link Advice to a Young Mathematician, Michael Atiyah.

  • link My Crazy Uncle's Wacky Wisdom, Bernardo Cockburn.

  • link Four Golden Lessons, Steven Weinberg.

  • link1 (transcript) link2 (video) link3 (summary) You and Your Research, Richard Hamming.

  • link Paths, a project of recollection by mathematicians.

For application materials:

  • link Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement, Helen Grundman.

  • link NSF Fellowship, Alex Lang.

On writing:

  • link Practical Suggestions for Mathematical Writing, Bjorn Poonen.

  • link How to Write a Clear Math Paper: Some 21st Century Tips, Igor Pak.

  • link Politics and the English Language, George Orwell.

On giving talks:

  • link Suggestions For Giving Talks, Robert Geroch.

  • link Ten Lessons I Wish I Had Been Taught, Gian-Carlo Rota.

  • link Talks are not the same as papers, Terence Tao.

  • link How To Speak, Patrick Winston.

On teaching:

  • link Thinking Mathematically blog.


  • link From Segregation to Department Head, Nathaniel Whitaker.

  • link Why Do Men Stupefy Themselves? Leo Tolstoy.

  • link What You'll Wish You'd Known, Paul Graham.

  • link How to Think for Yourself, Paul Graham.

  • link David Mumford blog.